9 Incredible Benefits of Outdoor Exercise or Outdoor Training

Rade Kozomara jump photo

Introduction Outdoor exercise or training is not just a fun way to break the monotony of indoor workouts. It also offers a host of benefits that can enhance your physical and mental health. From the invigorating fresh air to the natural beauty that surrounds you, outdoor exercise can be a refreshing and rewarding experience. In…

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The Influence of Symmetry on Human Biomechanics: A Practical Overview

Symmetry on Human Biomechanics Featured Image

Defining Symmetry and Biomechanics Symmetry, in the human context, refers to the balance between our body halves, while biomechanics is a field that applies principles of physics to biological systems to understand human movement and interaction with the environment. The Significance of Symmetry in Biomechanics Symmetry plays a pivotal role in human biomechanics, affecting various…

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Challenging Functional Training: A Closer Look at Motor Learning, Skill Transfer, and the Law of Specificity

Challenging Functional Training featured image

Understanding the Law of Specificity Functional training and sports-specific training have been pillars of modern physical training regimens. However, they’ve also been the subject of scrutiny. Critics point to principles such as motor learning, skill transfer, and the law of specificity to question their effectiveness. But, does this criticism hold up under a comprehensive examination?…

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David Weck: Innovator in Movement and Balance Training

David Weck, movement and balance training expert, inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer and founder of WeckMethod.

Introduction David Weck is a pioneer in the field of movement and balance training, best known as the inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer and the founder of WeckMethod. His innovative training techniques and unique tools have significantly influenced the fitness industry, helping individuals optimize their movement, enhance performance, and reduce the risk of injury….

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GOATA: The Game-Changer in Injury Prevention and Athletic Performance

Rade Kozomara standing outdoors, holding two dumbbells with arms stretched above his head.

Introduction GOATA (Greatest of All Time Athletes) is a groundbreaking training methodology that aims to reduce the risk of injury and enhance athletic performance by emphasizing natural movement patterns found in elite athletes. This innovative approach focuses on replicating the efficient and fluid motion observed in the world’s top performers, allowing individuals to unlock their…

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Functional Patterns: A Comprehensive Approach to Human Movement and Performance

Rade Kozomara performing push-ups with dumbbells in each hand.

Functional Patterns is an innovative training methodology that focuses on improving the quality of life and athletic performance through biomechanically sound movement patterns. This approach has gained popularity for its emphasis on natural human movements, optimal biomechanics, and injury prevention. In this article, we will explore what Functional Patterns are, who it’s for, and how…

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