Rade Kozomara

About Rade Kozomara

Sports has always been a big part of my life. I have always been active, and in order to help others, I became a certified personal trainer. Whether training or playing sports, I pushed myself to the limit and this came hand in hand with injuries of various kinds which I took to be an inevitable part of the package.

My life changed when an accident left me with severe injury to my cervical discs in 2014. While doctors told me surgery and a life without sports was unavoidable, I was determined to exhaust all other options before agreeing to invasive surgery. Upon discovering what real functional training is, I used it initially to relieve pain, and then found it was the answer I was looking for all along. I became passionate about how the right training can not only be used to keep fit, but it is a preemptive means of avoiding injuries in sports in the first place, improving athleticism and helping to reduce stress.

By definition functional training is the “classification of exercises which involve training the body for activities performed in daily life” – therefore the exercises orients around training the body as one unit, paying respects to the anatomy (movement) lines that we have been evolving for thousands of years in order to achieve more efficient and athletic movent patterns, more tensegrity, decompression and de-calcifying of joints.